NFL Draft Sparks Conversations Around NCAA Sports Betting Rule – The  Oberlin ReviewWhen newly appointed NASCAR president Brian France came up with his “Chase for the Championship” brain child in the off-season of 2004, the giant stock car racing entity thought it had struck gold. When the fall season begins, Baseball has the playoffs and the World Series, and Football is just starting up. This takes a lot of interest away from NASCAR racing MLB중계. In order to play the tv ratings game to continue getting the big bucks from the TV networks, NASCAR had to come up with something to compete with the other two major sports during that time frame. Thus the Chase was born, giving NASCAR racing its first playoff style format.

The first season using the new championship format went off without a hitch serious enough to hinder the main objective. As the last leg of the 2005 season wore down to reality, things weren’t looking as bright as they were the year before. NASCAR’s top two marketable glory boys had a lousy season and didn’t make enough drivers’ points to make it into the top ten for the final ten events that make up the chase format. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon did not make it into the Chase!

As if that wasn’t a hard enough pill for NASCAR to swallow, the Roush Racing organization had all five of its Cup Series teams in the Chase competition. Roush Racing owned half of the chase field for the final ten events! Owner Jack Roush, affectionately knows as “The Cat in the Hat, ” was as happy as a pig wallowing in deep mud, but the NASCAR hierarchy was beside itself, wondering, “How could this have happened? ”

You can rest assured that it wasn’t long before the pencils were sharpened and the brain trust was put to work. Something had to be done to make sure that this travesty never happened again. I can’t for the life of me figure out how they are going to guarantee their pretty boys will make the Chase, but I have heard of some changes that they are thinking of making to the Chase format.

Rumor has it that they are thinking of adding two more spots to the format allowing twelve drivers to compete instead of ten. They are also batting around the idea of limiting the amount of teams an owner can field in the Cup Series.

If it were up to me, I’d limit the amount of teams to five. I’m a top five kind of guy. If a team isn’t in the top five, then it shouldn’t be competing for the championship, plain and simple. A top five team is a top five team. The way I see it, allowing a top ten team or even worse, a top twelve team, to vie for the brass ring isn’t fair to the top echelon of drivers who are top five contenders. If NASCAR’s marketable glory boys don’t make it, then NASCAR needs to find some new glory boys!

As far as the debacle of limiting the amount of teams an owner can enter into competition is concerned, that’s another matter. I have no qualms with that. These big multi-car teams have been stepping on the small one and two car teams for years. Each team is allowed so many testing dates, and the large multi-car teams have a definite advantage over the small outfits in that area. The multi-car teams always combine test results and share them throughout the organization. They also have more flexibility in managing finances, with more corporate dollars to juggle than the smaller teams. This has hurt the technological side of small team racing for years, giving the multi-car teams another definite advantage. I think its high time NASCAR did something to alleviate that. Limiting an owner to just three teams would be a solid move in the right direction, and would improve the fairness of competition all the way around. The storage carts are mainly used for the purpose of storing things. With this particular item, you can easily keep the important items in a clean and well organized manner. These carts are mainly seen in the day care centers. The reason behind this is that in these centers, you will find different types of sports items. So, with this item, you can easily place the things inside it, so that you can get it in an easy manner whenever you want it.

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NASCAR Rethinks Chase Format

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