Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the Large Oil Producers in the World, it creates more additional Industrial Plant and Generation Projects for the present and future needs of the People living in the Kingdom.

Earlier this year the summary Power Supply Demand in the Kingdom increases from last year’s 20 percent to 70 percent. This demands Generation projects massively especially in Industrial fields. Most projects are in fast track construction basis, it is because the demand for power are increasing, in-line with this, skilled jobs and professional employments are increasing. Jobs available in the Kingdom are so many, it is because that Saudi citizens are less in population average to accommodate the entire land area and it is also they are mostly less in experience. Nowaday the Saudi citizens are trying to get professionally and to study in other countries to catch-up for the demand of employment in the Kingdom and to have a better career.

Presently, working in hand with the Saudi Nationals are the expatriates, which came from other Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and other Arab Countries. Living in the Kingdom are not so difficult in terms of financial cost of living. Taxes are zero ,food and basic commodities are less expensive than other countries, some constraints problem in the Kingdom are likely being conservative especially for ladies. Definitely being conservative will make more safe for the family and it is because of being secured with regards to family case, but we cannot make ones country perfect, in anycase there will be always some difficulties and bad cases.  مشاريع السعودية

Well my articles objective is to show the employment demand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, any person in professional fields can be assured to have better career in the Kingdom, company’s usually offer good benefits and employment salary packages, but we observe that people are still not so quite convince to join in the working force of the Kingdom, the answer is because other Arab countries offer better employment package, other Arab Middle East Countries have also good salary packages but they have short employment field (contractually 2 to 5 years) and the cost of living are higher maybe because of modern civilization.

Now employment demand in Saudi Arabia for expatriates are becoming Higher than 70 percent. In the Kingdom you can see more expatriates working that belongs to different parts of the World including USA, Europe and Australian expatriates.

The companies in the Kingdom Offers Good Family benefits and bachelor package, in fact even if the average rates are less than the other Arab Countries, cost of living are much lower.



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