There was a time when buying jewelry online was unthinkable due to safety issues. These days, however, it is all where people want to buy their necessities, and yes, even their jewelry. The incredible convenience and ease that e-commerce has brought into our lives has certainly changed the way we live it and most especially in the way we shop.

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Another fear that people 網上鑽石 have about buying jewelry online is the fact that it is easy to pass off a sub-par diamond to unsuspecting shoppers especially if they cannot tell a sloppy setting or that they’re even buying an imitation. However, they also noticed that despite the abundance of jewelry stores around, the inventory isn’t that expansive or extensive which is why sometimes, you don’t actually get what you want or need.

This is why the appeal of online shopping has increased a thousand fold since its inception in the early 90s. With endless shelf space and absence of overhead costs, it became possible for retailers to put out all their merchandise and sell them at lower prices. And with the world and its mother online 24/7, the chances of selling out became even more possible, the profits even bigger.

People buy jewelry all the time, more so when special occasions like Valentine’s day, Christmas or someone’s birthday comes up. While there isn’t any shortage as to where you can buy jewelry, it is important that you buy your diamond jewelry for example, from someone you trust. The beautiful thing about buying them online is you also get to do a little research before actually going ahead with your purchase, important things you need to know like how to check for the 4 Cs – cut, carat, clarity and color and the little known fifth C, certificates.

Next, you need to check how long has the store been in business. Anything less than 6 months is a huge no-no and you may also want to check as well if they have an actual brick-and-mortar store and are not just an online presence. Having a website only enhances a store’s reputation and allows them to cater to a wider market but if all they are is a dot com then you may need to set your sights elsewhere.

Also, you need to be a little more proactive and ask questions when you go online, pretty much as if you were buying from a retail jewelry store, many of which have their own websites as well. Go ahead and feel free to browse around these websites to check just how knowledgeable they are about diamond jewelry and check around as well for details about the items they sell.

With this in mind, another thing you need to check out for is great customer service. Make sure the site has a 24/7 customer hotline you can call or in most cases, what they have would be instant chats so you can immediately get answers to your questions. Another thing you need to check and be careful about is the store’s return policies. Some stores may claim to have a 30-day money back guarantee but if you read the terms carefully, you’ll see that they require a “re-stocking fee” so make sure you understand the policies before going ahead with your purchase.

It will also help you greatly to be able to view the merchandise before you purchase it so check if the website you go to has a viewing policy. If they really are trustworthy then they will agree to send you some samples to check but of course you’ll have to put up a sizable deposit as collateral in exchange.

Since you are having an expensive piece of jewelry being shipped, also check if the carriers the store uses are insured and that they are insured for the full value of their contents. In line with this, you may also want to check on the store’s policies on lost/damaged shipments, like how they will be refunding or replacing the items, etc.

Which bring us to the conclusion then, that the biggest considerations you should have when shopping for jewelry online are price, quality and ethics. As far as price goes, watch out for announcements about wholesale promotions which suggests that the items you buy will appraise more than the actual price and you can get it at a huge discount but this also probably means that the quality has been compromised. And it may be prudent to note that it is illegal to promote wholesale prices to consumers online or off.

Quality-wise, a diamond’s cut is one that must not be compromised. The cut is what gives the diamond it’s sparkle and what dictates the diamond’s symmetry, proportion and polish. It is what most jewelers feel, the one thing that makes the diamond beautiful and desirable, more than the carat, color and clarity. Also, check if the website discloses any information on changes they have made to the diamond, like being treated for example, to enhance their appearance. And of course, as far as ethics go, you need to make sure that the dealer the website uses is legitimate.

Other things to watch out for so you can safely purchase diamond jewelry online include checking for stamps or tags showing precious metal content, like whether it is 14k or 18k, a trademark from the brand showing if there is gold content and a third-party gemstone grading report like one from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) showing any inclusions done to it if any.

How to Safely Buy Diamond jewelry Online

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