Bullet resistant glass has become a component of everyday life now that more and more people seem to have guns and also the willingness to use them for unsavory acts. In some cases bullet resistant glass is the only thing protecting you from life or death. Whatever situation is causing you to seek out this important security measure, it is important to understand how it works.

Here are some of the most basic components to keep in mind as you start shopping:

– “Bulletproof” doesn’t accurately define glass that is resistant to bullets. Every glass can eventually be penetrated, so the term “bullet resistant” is much more accurate.

– Glass that is resistant to bullets looks just like ordinary glass, however, regular glass shatters as soon as a bullet hits it, while resistant glass can handle varying amounts of rounds, depending on how thick it is and the type of bullets that are being shot at it.

– Most bullet resistant glass is usually made by laminating a  30-30 ammo 500 rounds  sheet of polycarbonate in between two layers of regular glass, creating a thicker product that looks just like regular glass, although there is an added layer of protection in between the two sheets of regular glass.

– When a bullet hits a piece of bullet resistant glass, it does break the outer layer of regular glass, but the polycarbonate filling actually stops the bullet by absorbing the force created by it.

– Glass that is made to resist bullets usually comes in thicknesses that are anywhere from seven millimeters up to 75 millimeters. The thicker the glass is, the more resistant it is.

– The type of gun that is fired at a piece of glass that is made to resist bullets also plays a role in how resistant the glass is. A shotgun blast has a lot more power than a handgun, so a greater thickness would be required in order to stop a bullet from a shotgun.

– Sometimes the person who is behind the glass may need to or wish to be able to fire back at the perpetrator. In this case, one-sided glass is available that will keep bullets out while also allowing them to go through from the back side. To make this type of glass, companies laminate a piece of material that is very brittle with a more flexible piece of material.

Of course there are many reasons you might want to install glass that is able to resist bullets. One of the most common everyday uses for this material is in convenience stores, especially those that are open 24 hours. In order to keep their workers safe against attacks and protect against robberies, owners of these stores may want to have this type of glass installed. Other cases in which glass of this kind may be important include car windows and any other situation in which you are worried about guns being fired at you.

No one wants to entertain the thought that they might be shot at, but it is important to realize this very real danger if it is an issue in any part of your life. It is much more difficult to recover in the event of a gunshot wound than it is to plan ahead by having bullet resistant glass installed. In some cases you may even be saving your own life or the life of your loved ones. Isn’t that worth your time to do a little bit of planning ahead-just in case something happens that is out of your control?


How Bullet Resistant Glass Works

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