A garden tractor will have tires with good traction for working in a garden, a smallish (around 5 gallon) fuel tank, a PTO (this could be electric or engine powered) with a hydraulic clutch, and some offer 4WD. Depending on the specifications, garden tractors can be used with a full line of compatible attachments such as: dump cart, trailer, tiller, broadcast spreader, snow thrower, blade, roller, sprayer, spike aerator, disk, plow, cultivator and rotary broom.Farm safety: How to fit a new and safe pto shaft guard - News - Farmers  Guardian

The power PTO shaft Take-Off (PTO) shaft on your tractor allows you to use these pieces of equipment, but it also has the potential to cause major safety problems if you don’t use it correctly. The PTO is a shaft on the rear end of a tractor that transfers power from the tractor to another implement or piece of equipment such as a manure spreader or planter. According to the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, up to 20 percent of farm injuries occur as a result of PTO accidents. Therefore, operational safety of the PTO is critical. Make sure the PTO shaft on your tractor has a shield to minimize your chances of getting entangled in it. Never allow children near your tractor, especially if it’s running.

A lawn or garden tractor is handy for driving through barn alleyways and pens or for pulling a small manure or feed cart. It would be unsuitable, however, for routine fieldwork, arena work, or large-scale feeding or manure handling. Lawn tractors can be an expensive option for horsemen – by the time you buy a tractor, a cart, and other attachments, you might have reached the same price range as a compact tractor. You could end up with half the tractor for the same price. You might want to consider purchasing a lawn tractor for light duty or barn work if you are planning to buy two tractors.

The original garden tractors that appeared in the early part of last century were mainly two wheeled versions. As with most mechanical equipment of the time, they were large and heavy, in sharp contrast to modern tractors. After the 1950s, the popularity of two wheeled garden tractors peaked and the four wheeled versions began to increase in popularity.

Compact tractor implements are used in farming on a daily basis by farmers or those that love to garden. Compact tractor implements attach to what is known as a 3-point hitch. Which consist of lift arms that attach to each side of the implement. Here it is called a top link or center link, which levels the implement in a forward or rearward leveling. This article will detail various compact tractor implements and their uses.

The box blade is used mostly to move and level dirt, gravel or whatever you want to spread. This implement can also have rippers attached to the box so that undisturbed soil is made workable. The road blade is used mostly the same way but not useful for leveling.

The tiller implement is very useful in making soil workable. It tills the soil just like a regular walk behind rear tine tiller except it uses the tractor PTO or power take-off by attaching a shaft from the implement to the tractor. This compact tractor implement is great for tilling on a large scale and breaking new ground.

The lift boom is used for lifting heavy material by means of a chain or lift strap. With this tractor implement, you can lift car engines or anything that is not easily lifted by hand. A post hole digger is used for what it is named. It digs holes for fence post or small shrubs or trees. This implement also uses the PTO shaft. It comes in handy for those hard to dig holes.

The plow implement breaks ground that is undisturbed and eight inches or more deep. Bringing it to the top surface to where it can be worked later by another implement called a disc harrow. The disc harrow cuts the soil using large round flat metal blades that turn and cut the plowed soil as it is being pulled by the tractor.

Garden Tractors, Compact Tractor Implements and Their Uses

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