Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing; this definition is typical of how sales employees or the affiliates are being rewarded or compensated. These sales personnel are paid commission based on any sale they close; they are also given performance incentives for exceeding targets.

Affiliates are how fast can you click not employees of the advertiser whose products or services they make promotion of. However, the compensation model that is used in affiliate program is very similar to that which is used in the advertiser’s main sales department.

The Diminished Method: this method uses more of CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille). This method is densely applied in display advertising and paid search. Only less than one percent of the conventional affiliate marketing uses this method

Cost per Mille (CPM) is diminished compensation method that requires the affiliate or publisher to advertise the product or service in his website for the viewing of his visitors; in order to earn commission. In the case of Pay per Click (PPC), an additional step to advertising the product on the site is needed to earn revenue; the visitor must click the advertisement to go to the advertiser’s website.

Cost per Click was very popular during the early periods of affiliate program. However, this method of compensation has waned in use as a result of click fraud issues. Google AdSense known as contextual advertising are not regarded in the statistics pertaining to diminished use of CPC (Cost per Click). This is because it is yet not determined if contextual advertising is part of affiliate marketing.

The Predominant Method: This compensation method is used by 80 percent of the present day affiliate programs. This includes Cost per Sale (CPS) and Cost per Action (CPA). Using CPS method of compensation, the referred visitor must act beyond visiting the advertiser’s website before the affiliate can be compensated. It is therefore to the best interest of the affiliate to send a closely targeted traffic to the advertiser’s website.

Surely you have heard about ways to make money working online. It is one of the ways by which people who stay at home a lot, spend most of their time. Those employed have also started looking into these online work opportunities. With the economic crunch slowly taking effect, alternative sources of income have become in demand. We all want to earn to be able to meet our needs, and more importantly, gain financial freedom. This article features some ideas on how to make money online.

The first way to earn money is to be an entrepreneur. Successfully selling a product or service is a classic, fool-proof way to earn. The good news is, it can be done online. To get started, review your interests or hobbies. Then form a concept from these interests that can be translated into a product or service. Study market trends to see if it is feasible. Of course learning a few site-building skills can certainly help. Creation of the site can also be delegated. When you are ready, put up the business. If the product is good and the service is efficient, the cash will eventually pour in.

If owning a business is not your cup of tea then you might want to try being a sales person. One of the fields of internet marketing (IM) is affiliate marketing. Put in simple terms, it is like a commission-based sales job. So, how does it work? Say a buyer sees a product online then reads the reviews or ads created by an affiliate. If the buyer becomes convinced by the testimonials or pitch, s/he goes to the company site to make a purchase. Now, the amount of traffic generated by the affiliate’s efforts becomes the basis of the compensation. There are several methods of gaining compensation. Some of these are the cost per sale (CPS), cost per action (CPA) and the cost per click (CPC) methods. CPS and CPA methods both require that a purchase should be made by the potential buyer before a commission is credited. In CPC method, income is generated once the potential buyer clicks on the ad to gain more info. Some sites on CPA offer effective strategies to convince potential buyers to shell-out some hard earned dough without forcing them to do so.

If you have a knack for putting your thoughts on paper, then online writing is a great opportunity to make money working online. Through writing, you can share your ideas, inform, advise or help people with their documents. There are several choices to choose from: blogging, resumé writing, creating product reviews, and eBook writing. All you have to do to start is to write sentences which are based, of course, on the gathered information regarding the topic. Originality is the most important quality of the writer. Combining this trait with a bit of humor and cleverness can make the composition interesting.

So there you have it. To recap, the three simple ways to make money working online are: set up an online business; become an affiliate marketer; and finally, take-up a writing job. Keep in mind that there are several online scams that promise lucrative opportunities. Don’t fall for these. Honest, legitimate work eventually leads to success and solid credibility in the end.

Affiliate Marketing Compensation Methods,Make Money Working Online – Some Ways to Grow Financially by Using the Net

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